2018 Stage Schedules


4 Stages - 7 Bands - Plus  Live Art 


NM Brewers Guild Education Pavilion

Take a break from the general sampling to participate in this hands-on class (and do some sampling too!) from the New Mexico Brewers Guild, and help support your local breweries.


Sensory Analysis Seminar

Presented by Craft King Consulting, this seminar is designed to tantalize the senses.  This hands-on event will feature a diverse range of aromas and flavors that will be accompanied by explanations by industry insider. Angelo Orona.  Ever wonder why a hefeweizen tastes like bubblegum or a stout smells like fresh espresso?  This seminar is here to answer your questions, pique your curiosity and make you a better beer drinker. Special tastings and beer souvenirs will be provided!



Beer & Food Pairing with Marble Brewery & Whole Foods Market

Learn about pairing food with beer, and try some great pairings! Marble has provided special beers to pair perfectly with cheeses, meats, nuts and more from Whole Foods Market! 

Amber Ale :: Caproile Obanon and Pump Street Rye Chocolate

Oatmeal Stout :: Bayley Hazen Blue and Gusto Chorizo

White Out :: Cashmere brie and Marcona Almonds

Strawberry Gose :: Raw Milk Manchego and Chuo Mango Chocolate


History of Brewing in Albuquerque

Chris Jackson is the editor/co-founder of the NM Dark Side Brew Crew and the author of Albuquerque Beer: Duke City History on Tap. An Albuquerque resident off and on since 1986, he turned a habit of hanging out at local breweries into a successful local craft beer news website and now a book that covers the history of brewing in the city, from the 1880s to 2016. He will be speaking about how we got from the pre-Prohibition era to the current craft brewery boom. He will also be signing and selling copies of his book. 


Live Art

Immastar Productions

Hopfest is providing something for the eyes while you stand in line, this year. Immastar Productions has joined the Feel Good Festival tribe in a small but creative way - adding color and conversation to your day. Immastar Sole Proprietor, Carlos Contreras will be directing traffic and making announcements, as artists from his network and via James Montoya Arts' connections, connect with the crowd, and lay paint to canvas, all around the event. Live artists will be setup and painting while festival goers taste the best brews in the Southwest. These festivals just keep getting better - another reason to "feel good!" 



Merican Slang

Inspired by Webster’s Dictionary of American Slang, Merican Slang, Albuquerque’s premier funk band, was established in April, 2011.  Merican Slang is often described as experimental and unique; “Merican Slang’s music has been likened to the JBs and the Meters” (Local IQ Magazine).  Merican Slang attracts a regional fan base which loves to dance and party until last call!  “They’re a booty poppin’ party band” (Local Alibi).  The group’s unique musical arrangements and high energy stage presence elevates the music experience for fans of live music of any genre!  When Merican Slang takes the stage, it’s time to dance!

Lenin & McCarthy

Lenin and McCarthy are actually Tom Gutierrez and Rob Martinez, music veterans of the New Mexico pop, rock and mariachi scenes. Lenin and McCarthy have traveled throughout the region playing rock and pop on stages all over New Mexico and the Southwest. Most recently they were the driving force in the 50s Rockabilly act The Daddy Os, and have since become an acoustic pop-rock vocal duo, playing energetic versions of songs by The Beatles, The Eagles, The Everly Brothers, Crowded House, and much more. Come on out and enjoy a wide variety of music from a New Mexico original, Lenin and McCarthy!

Eryn Bent

Singer-songwriter Eryn Bent has been enchanting audiences since age 14, with her powerhouse vocals and honest, gritty songwriting.

Born and raised in Montana, Eryn has deep, Western roots that shine through her Americana, folk-style songwriting. She has played all over the West coast, forever planting her musical magic in the hearts of those who listen to her. 
Eryn is a trained vocalist with years of private training under her belt, which gives her the incredible range and ability to showcase her vocals in many evocative ways. She sings for you, and you'll feel it in your bones.


The Real Matt Jones features award-winning songwriting that meets band members who have traveled all over the world playing music. Just like the jalapeno applesauce in a pork belly hash, you won't want to miss this musically surprising band.

Oscar Butler

If you have been fortunate enough to catch Oscar performing around the Albuquerque, New Mexico area restaurants, festivals or private parties or have run across him in various venues from Los Angeles to Boston, then you have been the recipient of what can easily be described as a lyrical and melodious delicacy. Watching the ease at which Oscar’s hands work complex finger pickings conjunct with rhythmic thumping all while vocally giving what equates to a sonic herbal massage lulls his listeners into thinking this is an easy feat. The truth is that Oscar has spent over forty years perfecting his craft. He has been called by the Weekly Alibi newspaper, “One of the best voices in Albuquerque.”