Take a break from sampling to participate in this hands-on class (and do some sampling) from the New Mexico Brewers Guild, and help support your local breweries.

Hopfest entrance ticket required, Non- Sample ticket holders are also eligible to attend classes. 

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New Mexico Brewers Guild Sensory Analysis Seminar
Presented by Craft King Consulting, LLC

Presented by Craft King Consulting, this seminar is designed to tantalize the senses.  This hands-on event will feature a diverse range of aromas and flavors that will be accompanied by explanations by industry insider. Angelo Orona.  Ever wonder why a hefeweizen tastes like bubblegum or a stout smells like fresh espresso?  This seminar is here to answer your questions, pique your curiosity and make you a better beer drinker. Special tastings and beer souvenirs will be provided!


Beer & Food Pairing Presented by Marble Brewery & Whole Foods Market

Learn about pairing food with beer, and try some great pairings! Marble has provided special beers to pair perfectly with cheeses, meats, nuts and more from Whole Foods Market! 

Amber Ale :: Caproile Obanon and Pump Street Rye Chocolate

Oatmeal Stout :: Bayley Hazen Blue and Gusto Chorizo

White Out :: Cashmere brie and Marcona Almonds

Strawberry Gose :: Raw Milk Manchego and Chuo Mango Chocolate


History of Brewing in Albuquerque

Chris Jackson is the editor/co-founder of the NM Dark Side Brew Crew and the author of Albuquerque Beer: Duke City History on Tap. An Albuquerque resident off and on since 1986, he turned a habit of hanging out at local breweries into a successful local craft beer news website and now a book that covers the history of brewing in the city, from the 1880s to 2016. He will be speaking about how we got from the pre-Prohibition era to the current craft brewery boom. He will also be signing and selling copies of his book.